Using Detox Pills For Drug Test: Is It A Good Idea?

detox pills for drug test

In my previous articles, I reviewed synthetic urine and detox drinks, both are great ways to pass a urine test, but If you want to get rid of the drug toxins, then using detox pills for a drug test seem the best strategy. You just pop a few pills, all the toxins flood out, and you then get to submit a clean sample. But that’s not actually the whole truth. There is a huge misconception about how detox pills work, what you have to do alongside taking them, and how long it can take for you to be clean.

So let’s take a look in detail at using detox pills for a drug test, and answer the key question, around do detox pills work, and if so, how do you make sure they leave you 100% clean.

What Is The Best Detox For A Drug Test?

The truth is that the best detox for drug test success is a natural detox. That’s where you stop taking in toxins, and allow your body to process the ones already in it, and pass them out sweat, stools, and urine.

The thing is, you might read that drugs leave your system quite quickly. You take whatever it is, you get high, it’s converted in the blood to metabolites, and within a few days, those metabolites work their way out. Cool, you are good to go and submit your sample.

But that only if you are a very light user. If you smoke a joint a week, then fine. If you are smoking half a dozen joints a week, or even more, then those drug metabolites build up in your system and can take weeks to work their way out. This is especially the case with weed, as THC metabolites attach to fat cells in the body more readily than most other drug metabolites.

It’s not always as bad with other drugs as it can be with cannabis, but any sustained drug use could see you having to wait as long as two weeks before you are genuinely clean naturally.

best detox for drug test

How To Do A Natural Detox

The best detox for drug test is a natural one. It basically just consists of doing the following:

  • Don’t take in any more toxins
  • Avoid things like tobacco, alcohol and caffeine
  • Avoid greasy foods
  • Choose a high in fiber, lean meat, and vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Visit the sauna regularly
  • Go to the toilet frequently to flush out toxins
  • Exercise daily

Doing this religiously will help your body to work at maximum capacity, speeding up the elimination of toxins as much as possible. But it will depend on your metabolism, age, and health, as to how quickly you can achieve this.

Do Detox Pills Work?

 The truth is that most drug detox pills don’t work. Well, at least not very well. Most of them are supplements that contain things which help speed up the elimination of toxins, but they are not powerful enough to do much above a natural detox.

If you can get powerful, genuine, detox pills, then you can get rid of toxins at a greatly accelerated rate. The best ones, Toxin Rid, seem to be able to speed up the body in getting rid of toxins by up to 50%.

So say it was going to take you 10 days to get clean naturally. If you do a 10-day Toxin Rid course, you could be clean in five days. You should really take the length the course tailored to how long it is before your drug test.

How To Use Detox Pills For Drug Test Success

Detox pills for THC

So let’s take Toxin Rid is the example, as I’ve used these high-quality detox pills on several occasions. You can get them in several different course lengths, from one day, which I would not recommend, all the way up to 10 days. Five days and above the best to aim for.

Let’s say you have a week before a drug test, and you want to be genuinely clean. So you are going to do the natural detox in that time, and you’re going to take detox pills for the drug test as well.

So you get the Toxin Rid seven day course, and during the seven days leading up to your test, you take them. Alongside a natural detox, you should be clean, unless you are a chronic drug user, especially a chronic weed smoker. I would recommend the 10-day course if you have the time, as that will clear out pretty much anybody.

After about 3-5 days, there’s a good chance you will already test clean, which is why you need to get your hands on a few home test kits as well. You should definitely be ready after seven days, the night before your test.

As an insurance policy, the best detox for drug test will include having a detox drink to hand as well. If you get to the disaster situation of not having cleaned out all the metabolites by the day of your test, can take the detox drink to mask them. At least you will know there will be fewer toxins to mask because you’ve done a good detox.

Can You Buy Detox Pills For THC?

Now, this is a thing, you’ll get lots of high-priced THC detox pills marketed to you online.

THC metabolites do work slightly differently, in that they attach to fat cells. So THC detox pills claim to draw more metabolites out through your bowels.

However, you don’t get tested through your bowels. You would still need to do a natural detox, and you still need to address the fact that most metabolites from any drugs still come out of your bladder.

So for me, detox pills for THC are marketing trick. The only detox pills that really work are good quality ones like Toxin Rid, or if you can’t quite afford those, then Rescue 5 Day Detox can work for people with light toxin exposure. You can purchase Toxin Rid from and Rescue 5 Day Detox from this webshop.

Detox pills do work for a drug test, as long as you ensure that you do them alongside a proper natural detox. That means planning, and it means having the products in advance so that you don’t get caught out. Plus, a detox drink is a great insurance policy, should things go wrong.