What’s The Best Synthetic Urine Kit For Drug Tests? [What Worked For Me]

There are tons of brands of synthetic urine out there, and you’ll read about how brilliant they all are in the synthetic urine reviews all over the Internet.

The best synthetic urine actually has to meet some really specific standards if you hope to pass using it, and unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize how few brands achieve those standards.

Plus, it’s not just about the quality of the fake pee. You can mess it up yourself, either by having at the wrong temperature when you submit it or getting caught with a fake sample on you.

So let’s look not only what the best synthetic urine you can get your hands on is, but also how to get it to the right temperature, and also how to properly submit fake pee for a drug test.

Ways To Pass A Drug Test

When it comes to passing a drug test, you have three main ways of doing it, that will give you a great chance of not getting caught when your body is riddled with drug toxins:

  1. You can submit a sample of fake urine, which is what we are talking about here.
  2. You can do a natural detox. Sure, you can accelerate this using detox pills, but it can still take some time, and most drug tests don’t give you more than a day, maybe two days, notice.
  3. You can use a detox drink. These flush out the toxins and mask the fact you’ve done it for about five hours. That can be fine, but the risk is around getting your hands on a good detox drink, getting to the lab in good time, and not having such a high toxin count that it overrides effects of the detox drink.

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Preparing Fake Pee To Submit

The key to preparing a fake sample is to make sure that you know how to keep the urine warm, and by that, I mean the fake urine.

The key to this is microwaving the fake sample to get it roughly within the right temperature range. Human urine comes out of the body within a very specific temperature range, between 96°F and 100°F.

Legally, it has to be between 90°F, and 100°F, so you have to get the temperature the sample within that range, and then keep it there, sometimes for a couple of hours.

Activate the heatpad if you are using one, and strap it to the sample. Then monitor it closely, to make sure it stays within that temperature range.

The alternative is to use synthetic urine kit called Sub Solution. That uses heat activator powder. So you don’t need a heatpad, and that gives you closer control over the temperature because you can simply add more powder to increase the temperature whenever you want.

How To Keep Fake Pee Warm

Once you’ve got the temperature where you want it, then you need to go and submit the sample, which means you need to know how to keep the fake pee warm all the way up to the moment you go into the lab to submit it.

Make sure you look at the temperature outside. If you live in New York, and it’s January, it could be really cold outside. Likewise, if it’s August, it could be really warm. So you need to prepare for the fact the temperature externally could swing the temperature of the sample strapped to your leg by several degrees, by dressing accordingly.

I would recommend you only consider using high-quality fake urine, and use the heatpad supplied with it. Although these aren’t always reliable, they are far better than just using standard hand warmers. But again, Sub Solution uses heat activator powder, which is why I tend to use that if I can.

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Tips On Submitting A Fake Urine Sample

When it comes to learning how to use fake pee successfully to pass a drug test, it’s actually submitting the sample which is where a lot of people fall down. You have to keep the temperature right, as we’ve already talked about. But more than that, you have to get the fake sample into the lab, not be spotted, and submit it without getting caught.

The key to doing this is thinking about it, and preparing for it by practicing. The best tips I can give you on using fake urine for a drug test are:

  1. Make sure the sample is strapped to your crotch, or the inside your leg, where it won’t show as a lump.
  2. Wear loose clothing, to disguise the bulk of it when you walk.
  3. Make sure you practice walking and wearing the fake sample. Otherwise, you will look slightly awkward and could get pulled aside.
  4. Practice removing the sample from your body, and submitting it into a cup smoothly and silently.
  5. Consider the environment you will be in. You might just be behind the screen, rather than a different room from the person administering the sample. So you may have to be very quiet, and they might be listening out for the sound of you going to the toilet, as many people do because they can’t stop after peeing into the cup.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Best Urine Brands 2019

So look, in my experience, and I’ve used fake urine quite a few times to pass drug tests for jobs, it’s by far the easiest and safest way passing a drug test. You just need to practice, consider the actual process of submitting it, and also carefully guard the temperature so that it’s always between 90°F and 100°F. You can practice all of these things to make sure you are prepared.

In terms of the best synthetic urine kits, then you will be looking for synthetic urine brands that get great reviews, and tons of recommendations that are not obvious advertising.

In my experiences, two brands contain the ingredients that will pass validity testing. Validity testing is where the sample is tested to make sure it has chemical markers in it that are only present in human urine, things like urea and uric acid.

But more than that, they will check it’s specific gravity and the pH level. They will also potentially smell it, and froth it, to see that it looks natural. That’s before you even consider the fact that some labs now test for the presence of artificial preservatives called biocides.

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So with all that in mind, the two synthetic urine brand I would recommend to anyone is:

Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

If you are looking for affordable synthetic urine that will pass all basic urine sample drug tests, then the latest formula of Quick Fix, 6.2, is certainly a brand to consider. It’s not the most complex formula on the market, but it is the second-most complex, and easily good enough for all but the toughest drug test.

It’s also a lot cheaper than the market leader, one bottle costs only $39 and if you are up for a pre-employment, or during an employment drug test, it’s complexity is certainly enough to pass any type of basic drug test.  So the combination of price, complexity, and ease-of-use makes Quick Fix 6.2 a really intelligent choice.

On top of that, the heat pad and thermometer you get with Quick Fix 6.2 is good quality. You are unlikely to get caught out with inaccurate temperatures, or with the heat pad failing during that crucial time when you are heading off to the lab.

The Best Synthetic Urine Kit: Clear Choice Sub Solution

Sub Solution is definitely the best synthetic urine brand on the market for a couple of reasons that put it head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Firstly, the formula is the most complex on the market. There are 14 chemical markers that you will find in real urine, making it suitable for passing even a complex drug test.
  • On top of that, it doesn’t contain biocide, an artificial preservative that some drug testing labs now search for the presence of.
  • Thirdly, it looks and smells like real human pee (most brands have unnatural color!), it will even produce some foam if you shake it up.
  • Using Sub Solution is also a lot easier than other synthetic urine kits because you don’t need a heat pad or microwave. That makes it perfect for keeping with you, in your car, or in your locker. All you need is a couple of minutes with some water, to mix the solution, heat it up, and you are ready to submit it.
  • Sub Solution uses heat activator powder. You pour it in, agitate the liquid, and as it dissolves it creates heat, which warms the liquid to the right temperature. This powder is undetectable once dissolved.

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So when you go to submit a sample of Sub Solution, you haven’t got worried about smuggling a heating pad in, you know it’s got the most complex formula that mimics human urine, and if the sample cools just before you submit it, simply add a bit more heat activator powder to get it to the right temperature.

You can buy Clear Choice Sub Solution on from the manufacturer’s website.

Synthetic Urine For Drug Test: Conclusion

I really hope this has helped you to understand about using synthetic urine to pass a drug test and the pitfalls of doing so. As you now know, there are three main reasons why people fail drug tests using synthetic urine:

  • The synthetic urine is poor quality
  • The urine has unnatural color, it fails the visual inspection
  • The temperature of the fake sample is not maintained correctly
  • They get caught with the fake sample on them

Using the simple guide I’ve written here, you can avoid all of those pitfalls, and successfully pass drug tests any time you want, using synthetic urine without having to worry at all.

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